Welcome to Stonington!


Stonecutter Monument by William Muir, Stonington waterfront

The fishing village of Stonington is located at the southern tip of Deer Isle, Maine and commands a spectacular view of a far-reaching archipelago. Visitors are drawn here to the physical beauty of the place, enjoying a variety of outdoor sports and recreation. They also find inns, shops, cafes and restaurants. And the Stonington Opera House, a historical landmark, offers nightly films, theater, music and dance.

Stonington has long been a destination for artists. John Marin, William Kienbusch and Fairfield Porter, among many, were captivated by its landscape and quiet island life. Today the island is home to a rich and diverse community of artists and craftsmen... as well as a few fishermen, retirees and participants in the Witness Protection Program. Stroll the streets of our town and see if you can identify who's who!

Stonington Galleries & Studios is a group of businesses offering art work in a broad range of media and styles. Our map will guide you along a ten-mile loop to Main Street on the harbor and down country roads. Take it with you to explore our town and its treasures!

After touring the galleries, plan on relaxing in one of Stonington's restaurants, or take-in a show at the Opera House

For more information about Stonington and Deer Isle, visit the Deer Isle - Stonington Chamber of Commerce.